Femme Force is a paradigm shift for women that encompasses
self awareness, self appreciation, and self esteem.
We have to learn to value who we are and face the world with
confidence, clarity, and radiant empowerment.

divine radiance for empowered presence

Peau D’Ange Beauty 

Peau D’Ange is Jennifer Hoffman’s signature beauty line, the name is French and means ‘Angel Skin’. It begins with her High Vibes Radiance Serum, formulated with botanical and essential oils that were selected for their specific support of skin health and well-being, and essential oils with  properties that include anti-inflammatory, cell regeneration, hydration, and supporting overall skin health and appearance.

Jennifer initially created the High Vibes Radiance Serum when she noticed that her skin was showing signs of aging that included dryness in winter and more oiliness in summer, and a few wrinkles. Then in her 50s, Jennifer knew that providing for her skin’s health then would reap benefits later.

Being aware of the need to protect her skin as well as use wholesome, organic, natural products, she created a serum to meet her skin’s needs that not only reduced the wrinkles but her skin was healthy, glowing, and radiant. This serum was created to support skin at any age with specific benefits for maturing skin.  Peau D’Ange beauty products are available at the High Vibes Living Store.

Femme  Force 

Femme Force is Jennifer’s signature community for women who are ready to become empowered, whole, congruent, and are ready to express their potential and possibilities.

As women, we live so much of our lives in service to others, this is a sacred space to serve yourself, to explore, expand, seek community and connection. To valid your dreams and decimate your doubts.

Here you will find support, information, education, resources, and most of all, the space to create your new self and establish a new pathway for your life.


Jennifer Hoffman

Mother, grandmother, business & technology expert, 9x Best Selling Author, Creator of Peau D’Ange Beauty system

People always ask me ‘What do you use on your skin?”  because my skin is wrinkle free, soft, and it glows with a special radiance. I do not do fancy skin care regimes, I have never had plastic surgery, I do not use fillers or ‘wrinkle suppressors’.  For the past 15 years I have used my High Vibes Radiance skin serum exclusively and I believe it is why I have such great skin.

Hi I’m Jennifer Hoffman and in this photo I am 66 years old.  The photo is untouched, taken in my kitchen with my phone. I do have great skin because I use my homemade serum (which you can now purchase too) and I follow a regimen of a healthy diet, a good attitude, and I live a life that I enjoy.

I am the mother of 3 children, grandmother of 13, and I have one great grandchild. I have lived the stress, worry, and busyness of raising children, and maintaining  a home and a career. I am familiar with life’s demands and disappointments, which can all too often show up on our faces as lines, wrinkles, and dull skin.

Life is stressful but you can control how it affects your appearance.

Even after struggling with a serious health issue for the past 5 years (since 2019) I maintained my healthy, glowing skin because I use my Peau D’Ange High Vibes Radiance serum every day, morning and night.

It is now available for you  and I hope that it helps your skin glow and helps you radiate with the confidence that comes from knowing you look fabulous!

Aging is a Fact of Life But You don’t have to Look OLD

The Peau D’Ange Beauty system

The 4 Step Beauty Process

Your beauty process should not be difficult or complicated.
I never had hours to do my daily beauty routine and I am sure that you don’t either. 
So I designed a simple, 4 step beauty process with products that would
provide women with a quick, easy, and comprehensive beauty routine
that enhances and supports their skin and delivers desired results
without compromising their busy schedule.


Removing the day’s makeup and grim is essential to healthy, glowing skin. The Peau D’Ange Rose Clay Cleanser, Efface, contains delicate clays to absorb dirt while botanical oils melt away your makeup. Use in the evening followed by Claire Toner.


Toner removes any traces of makeup and dirt, tightens the pores, restores the right pH balance, and prepares your skin for the next step, Nourish. The Peau D’Ange Claire toner is made with clean ingredients – distilled water, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and essential oils of yarrow and geranium.


Skin requires nourishment from elements that provide support, hydration, renewal, and repair.  Peau D’Ange High Vibes Radiance serum provides botanical and essential oils specifically chosen for their  skin support benefits as well as their energetic vibration for truly wholistic beauty.


Moisturizing provides the skin with hydration and the best moisturizers contain omega fats, nutrients, and are compatible with skin composition and pH, as well as being natural and chemical free.  Peau D’Ange MOISTURE step uses the SOOTHE product to seal in your High Vibes Radiance Serum and create a light barrier of moisture and hydration on your skin.


Anti-aging is a myth. Everyone ages, everyone gets old.

Sometimes you look in the mirror and you are surprised to see
an older face looking back at you.

Where did the time go?

But while aging is a fact of life, you do not have to ‘look old’.

And that’s what we all try to avoid.

The years of your life are a badge of honor, the rewards of living,
and the crown of achievement.

Be confident in the experience and wisdom that your years give you
without looking aged and tired.

Peau D’Ange Beauty System
Divine Radiance for
Empowered Beauty.


New levels of empowered potential, possibilities, and prosperity for women.

For the woman who wants more out of life without sacrificing her joy,
peace of mind and heart, time, and energy.   

 For the woman who values wisdom, who stands in her worth,
who understands the true meaning of wealth, and
who embraces the evolving path of her soul
to greater awareness and understanding. 

"Love may heal the wounds but only time can heal the scars."

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